E Lab Notebook Introduction

About E Lab Notebook:

Electronic lab notebook is used by researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, food/flavor/fragrance and petrochemical industries and in academia and government institutions.Replacing traditional paper notebooks makes researchers more productive by saving time on data entry and repetitive calculations while integrating with familiar tools such as Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and PDF and other image files. Configurability enhances personal productivity and improves data quality while protecting intellectual property.


  • Chemists can work more efficiently with structures and reactions
  • Assay biologists can minimize the time they spend collecting, collating, analyzing and managing complex data structures
  • Bio analytical scientists can streamline methods development and methods validation
  • Formulation scientists can work with multiple formulations with varying ingredients and excipients
  • Communication and innovation are encouraged by sharing and building on previous work while securely capturing new intellectual property, creating an audit trail of work done and providing a system which can support compliance with regulatory requirements such at 21CFR11 and 37CFR.
  • E-Notebook provides capabilities and configurations that meet specific needs across all areas of scientific research and development.

E-Lab Notebook capabilities:

  • Biology- accelerates the biology discovery process and helps biologists achieve their research goals by minimizing the time they spend collecting, collating, analyzing and managing data.
  •  Bio Analytical Module- the Bio Analytical Module is an essential, comprehensive solution that streamlines bio analytical methods development and methods validation, reduces errors, speeds reviewing time and ensures GLP compliance.
  •  Chemistry- One of the most widely deployed electronic laboratory notebooks for chemists, E-Notebook for Chemistry increases productivity, improves the quality of data captured and fosters collaboration and innovation for chemists in all industries.
  • Formulations- Formulations delivers the workflow support, specialized calculations and units, analysis, reporting and ELN capabilities that formulation scientists need to effectively document their experiments and exploit previously gained knowledge.

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