Save Valuable Lab Time by implementing CHEMIA

Re-use Information 

80% of the time the scientists in a lab repeat a previously done experiment with some variation in process step or process parameter. Cloning functionality of ELN provides for copying the process steps of the previously done experiments and thus helps them to save over 50% of the Lab Notebook documentation time.

The import facility in ELN allows to upload the process steps from a standard process steps document. This also saves significant time for the scientists.

Powerful Search Tool

The search tool In Chemia works like a Google search on your ELN database. It has the power to search out any experiment by single word, keyword and word inside attached documents. This enables rapid access to your research information. Using advanced search feature we can search by project, experiment type, date intervals and submission status.

Experiment Templates

In order to ensure good documentation quality and accurate recording of all critical information we can use experiment templates.

Chemical structures and Thin Line Chromatography (TLC)

Chemia provides inbuilt chemical structure drawing tool (Marvin). This is a comprehensive tool for chemical structure drawing similar to Chemdoodle and ChemDraw. Chemia also provides for attaching these chemical structures drawn using any of the popular tools. Chemia also provides an inbuilt tool for drawing TLCs.

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