Data download and analysis through Chemia

During the course of experimentation scientists can have their experimental data work saved by using ELN which generates reports that can be passed through workflows for approval and e-signature. The report module is customizable which benefits chemist to generate reports based on various parameters within an experiment. Reports can be generated on weekly, monthly quarterly and yearly basis. Repots generation can be done only by an authorized user. The reports data can be downloaded and analyzed for making scientific decisions.


Paper notebooks are ancient systems there we record things on paper and no analysis of the data is done. Knowledgeable data goes into graveyard called Notebook Store and dies its own death.


Using electronic lab notebook like Chemia gives you the power of data analytics especially to senior management. Chemia has “Google Search” like feature that digs any data on click of button from all of your Notebooks. We have intelligent reports based on

  • Projects
  • Notebooks
  • Routes of Synthesis
  • Experiments status
  • Comparison of various experiments results
  • Number of Analytical tests done/pending etc.

This all above data strengthen the hands of R&D scientists for intelligent working. Final outcome of all the systems is to increase the productivity of team in turn increasing profitability of organization.

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