Flexible FR&D with Parameter Template through Chemia

The fastest growing trend in the Pharmaceutical industry is the Drug Development. Infact, the success of any pharmaceutical product, its patentability and lifecycle can be determined by the Formulation Development. Companies are focusing into the development of the new product. Scientists are contributing their time and effort in the development of the new dosage form. Most of the Formulation Research and Development Experiments have different methods to be followed and each method has different steps. Based on the step selected scientists has to record parameters. It involves lot of effort and time of Scientists. This challenge can be overcome by our Chemia Electronic Lab Notebook.

Using Chemia ELN Scientists can select the any method. Based on the method selected by the scientists steps get populated thus it provides flexibility to Scientists. Further each step is populated with the parameters with respect to the steps. It also helps the Scientists to add any new parameter based on the conditions while conducting the experiments. Cloning function of Chemia can be utilized to create any experiment template from the previous done experiment. This cloning function gives research scientists high flexibility and productivity.  In compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, Chemia retains all historic version of an experiment. Every time you click save experiment it will be saved as new version and can be traced in Audit Trial.

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